If you've landed on this page, you've probably heard about my campaign for Governor of Tennessee.  


I announced I would be running for Governor in August 2021.  Like a lot of Tennesseans, I have been frustrated with many of the policies of the current Governor, and I felt like I personally needed to do something to change things.  


I entered the race with the best of intentions, but soon other qualified candidates came forward who had put in a lot of prep work on the front end of their campaigns.  Within a few months it became obvious that I would not be able to compete with the other candidates, and so in the fall of 2021 I announced that I would be suspending my campaign.


I will continue to be open to public service in years to come, but for the time being I believe the best way I can serve the people of Tennessee is to concentrate on growing my counseling practice and to find ways to contribute to my local community.


I wish all the best to my friends and supporters. Thanks for your time and your interest in my campaign.

-Dr. Casey Nicholson